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With us, you make your patients appointments smooth and comfortable. At NueVed, we take the appointment bookings very seriously. We schedule the appointments for clinics, hospitals, individual physician’s offices, etc. We also schedule appointment for doctors who practice in more than one clinic and need to move to and from one medical office to other. We understand the pain of calls, paperwork, etc. Thus, make the patient appointments and scheduling easier, comfortable and cost effective.


  • Managing chief duties to render timely medical care to patients easily
  • Reduced overhead and operational costs
  • Reduced no shows
  • Decrease in overbooking, late appointments and missed appointments
  • Less number of errors, rework and non-payment
  • Improved cash flow and productivity
  • Improved patient compliance and privacy

NueVed provides a wide range of medical billing services that aids a healthcare provider in improving the functioning of their overall revenue cycle as well as their customer service that is patients’ experience. Appointment reminder is one such service that not only benefits the provider but also enhances the patient’s experience with the doctor. It is always courteous to remind patients about their upcoming appointments. NueVed can access the doctor’s schedule and call all the patients on behalf of the practice, and remind them about their appointments. Doctors or providers can also provide special instructions or guidelines for patients to be given on the call.

  • This practice would dramatically decrease the number of NCNS (No Call No Show) from the appointment schedule, because if patient would not be able to come, they can get the appointments cancelled or request it to be rescheduled on the same call. It will also eliminate NCNS charges from the AR report, as they have to be eventually written off by the provider.
  • Depending on the requirement, appointment reminders can be done through call, text or emails.

Advantages you would see if you choose NueVed for appointment reminders:

  • Provider can easily find the earliest vacant scheduled time, in a day or week for personal use.
  • Recurring appointments can be scheduled effortlessly in one go.
  • Patients can be reminded, in sufficient advance, of upcoming appointments.
  • Appointment cancellation and rescheduling occurs without difficulty.
  • Fewer scheduling errors are made and no-shows are reduced.
  • Affordable for both smaller and medium size practices; shows remarkable reduction in office staff hours and expenses.
  • Patients can be informed about special instructions to be given by the doctor.
  • Patients can be informed about their liabilities well in advance.

The referral process is complex, requiring actions from a variety of entities. Because of this, it’s helpful to understand the considerations and steps that take place after the provider has decided that the patient would benefit from the expertise of a specialist.

At NueVed, we field a lot of questions from patients and caregivers about referrals – why they are required, and how they work. A referral, in the most basic sense, is a written order from your primary care doctor to see a specialist for a specific medical service. Referrals are required by most health insurance companies to ensure that patients are seeing the correct providers for the correct problems. While this may seem to some like an extra, unnecessary step, failure to obtain the necessary referral before seeing a specialist can result in coverage not being applied to a visit or service, and costs being passed on directly to the patient.

Billing Queries

  • Assistance with billing queries.
  • Assistance with rescheduling appointments.
  • Virtual payment

Post Discharge Follow Up

Continuity of care is a high priority for health systems around the world. It involves coordinating the care and experience of patients over time as they navigate through the health care system, with the goal of reducing disruptions caused by the involvement of different practitioners and different care settings. Poor continuity of care can lead to unnecessary repetition of diagnostic tests, inappropriate drug prescriptions or poor information transfer. Physician follow-up is recommended as best practice because it improves continuity of care and information transfer, reducing the probability of these negative outcomes. This allows for smoother transitions to the community and avoids gaps and delays in communication, consistent treatment and continuity of care.

The benefits of Post Discharge follow-up include providing patients with an opportunity to ask questions about their hospitalization, clarify any misunderstandings about post-discharge instructions (including medication discrepancies) and identify potential barriers to recovery. Follow-up also provides an opportunity for physicians to learn what happened in hospital and to see whether their patients are progressing as expected.

Disease Management Programs

NueVed is committed to supporting patients with chronic diseases through programs that help them better manage their health through a combination of education and care planning.
Through our Disease Management Nurse Case Managers, NueVed Care connects with patients individually on a regular basis, helping to:

  • Prevent or manage disease complications
  • Coordinate appointments with primary care providers and specialists
  • Manage medications
  • Arrange for in-home equipment or services for more independent living
  • Connect with community resources and services
  • Make positive lifestyle changes
  • Provide moral support

NueVed Care’s Disease Management Nurse Case Managers also serve as a direct link between patients and their health care providers. We regularly contact provider offices by phone to alert them of changes in a member’s health status or care, as well as to collect relevant medical data that may help us provide better service and assistance.

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